Friday, October 17, 2014

I've Got Fabric!

I have new fabric. YAY!  I love new fabric.

Fabric, lots of pretty fabric. 

 It's actually two different layer cakes (a layer cake is 42 squares of fabric, each square is 10 inches) but I love the way the colors from both sets flow together all blues and greens with hints of purple.

Ohhhh the colors! 
 Now if I could just decide what I am going to do with all this lovely fabric. I had intended to use them to make a disappearing hourglass quilt, but every example I can find has a solid combines with a variety of prints.  I had planned to make it with only batik prints for a swirl of color, but now I am second guessing myself. It's never good when I start second guessing myself.

Disappearing Hourglass Quilt

Now instead of industriously cutting and sewing I am now caught up in Pinterest hell.


Exclaim, "Ohhhh That's cool!"

Pin it

Stare at computer, stare at fabric, stare at computer some more. Mutter, "Maybe for a different fabric."


Repeat ad nauseum. 

Accomplish nothing. 


At least I have some really cool fabric and an internet connections.  What would you do with all this fabric?


Nomads By Nature said...

What did you decide? The colors are absolutely lovely! I'm sure that they would look amazing however you put them together. If you still are looking for suggestions, I always did like the variety of log cabin quilt patterns.

Shannon said...

Im went ahead with the disappearing hourglass pattern. So far it is going pretty well, I have only messed up one square so far.

Log Cabin is my favorite pattern but I am not ready for that yet. Ill get there. This quilt will probably go to one of the boys and I will eventually get around to doing a log cabin for myself when my skills are a little sharper.

Nomads By Nature said...

Can't wait to see the results!! What is your solid color going to be and will that also be the back piece? You are moving into the really lovely Oman 'winter' too, so I imagine the quilt would be perfect to protect against the 60 degree temperature drop into the 60s. :)