Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

OK I have been putting off New Year's Resolutions. Last year I didn't get them up until the 12th. I probably would have waited at least that long again this year but Linsey at Rambles and Ruminations in hosting the FS blog round up this week and the theme is resolutions, goals, dreams and plans for 2011. Be sure to sure to click over there in Friday to see what everyone is up to.

Looking back at last years resolutions I didn't do too badly. Just to review I made 4 resolutions:
1. Get organized
2. De-clutter the house before packout
3. Get in shape
4. Give children chores and make them do them.
I did OK. I managed to be organized for packout (mostly), I got rid of pounds and pounds of junk before packout (still a lot left - baby steps my friend baby steps), and the kids have chores which they absolutely hate doing. I did not even come close to getting in shape. I guess I am still a slightly chubby couch potato. The only good thing I can say there is I didn't gain any weight, so that is something I guess.

Let's look at this year's resolutions.
1. Get in shape. I think this one has been there every year since I was a teenager, which may have been the last time I actually was in shape. I am going to try the 30 day shred and if I survive perhaps I will move onto C25K. No that has nothing to do with Y2K (remember that from 11 years ago??) it is Couch to 5K, a training program which incrementally steps you through training for a 5K. Monica are you ready to go running with me this summer?
2. Be kinder to myself. I am my own worst critic, I need to learn to be nicer to myself.
3. Make time to write every day, but don't get too frustrated or give up when I miss a day. See number 2 above.
4. Learn to drive on the wrong side of the road. Every time I drive I end up on the American side of the road which is bad since they drive like Brits here. I also turn on the wipers every time I try to turn on the blinkers. Stupid right hand drive car!
5. Have fun! Life it too short to not have fun so I want to try and have fun everyday.

Well I guess that about does it for resolutions, as for dreams and plans we are looking forward to making a few dreams come true. We are heading down to Victoria Falls and Botswana for spring break. That should be great adventure, I can hardly wait. Sometime this year we will be returning to Zambia for camping and safari. We will be heading to Texas this summer where I plan on eating my weight in Mexican food and BBQ. This should be an exciting year. Look out 2011 here we come!


Monica said...

love number 5 AND like eating my own pretty much any food that i like. ;o) hey - how do you get the link on the word like that??????????????? you could tell me and that would help me with one of my resolutions. oh, and you asked about wordpress - one thing i liked is that they offer a lot of writing tips and prompts (which are corny - but sometimes spark the mind). they also have that writing challenge - which i love. miss you. xoxoxoxo,


Unknown said...

Getting in shape is on my NON-resolution list. Since I don't make resolutions, just choices. ;) ;) Aren't I full of it?! Ha ha! You and M have fun running this summer - I'll be inside playing on the Wii Fit. ;)

Linsey said...

The weekly FS blog round-up is posted, and you're on it.

Let me know if you'd like to be removed.

Connie said...

I was doing pretty good with my 'work out every day' idea until the kids set up camp in the workout area. They go back to school, and their rooms, next week though so I'm starting again. I'm also trying to craft more. Good luck with your resolutions! They're good ones.

Sara said...

C25K sounds like what I should do after I have this little boy in June. Running is pretty fun! Good luck with your resolutions this year!