Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Proud, Amused, or Concerned?

We listen to a lot of kids music in the car on the way to school. Alonzo and Colin at the advances ages of 7 and 9 consider themselves far too sophisticated for such juvenile music. I turn on the radio and they immediately start with the "That's for babies!" but Grayson is only 4 and singing songs is important for is language development so the kids music will be staying for a while longer. I put my foot down a week or so ago and told them if I heard the dreaded "for babies" complaint they would be grounded when they got home from school instead of going out to play. I thought that would put a stop to some of the complaining but they have a new tactic: improvisational lyrics. This morning's edition was In The Ocean.

In the ocean, the mighty ocean the blue whale sleeps tonight.
When he farted, the tsunami started,
And that is how he died!
In the ocean the mighty ocean the dolphin sleeps tonight.
When the farted, the hurricane started,
And that is how he died!
In the ocean the mighty ocean the tuna sleeps tonight.
When he farted, the vortex started,
And that is how he died!

This was sung very loudly, with great gusto, drowning out the music coming from the radio. When we arrived at school they were trying to think of more oceanic catastrophes to endanger more innocent sea life. I am not sure if I should be proud of them for thinking ouside the box or just disturbed.


Monica said...

OMG. Malcolm would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO love that. I may just have to teach him. No, I will tell ed to read your blog and then he'll teach him. Then I won't feel guilty. ;o)

Unknown said...

Oh my! LMAO! I love it! Be proud - it shows mucho imagination! :)

Danny said...

This is just a sign of things to come. If the boys are like we were growing up, you have a long, fun, and amuzing road ahead! Enjoy!