Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Spirt Week - Time Travel


Anonymous said...

Oncwe again a lovely photo. They look really happy!

Anonymous said...

I that Cody's vest that Colin is wearing?

Shannon said...

YES IT IS! And to top off the dork level he ran around all afternoon wearing that and Dave's old pointy shit kicker boots which come up to his knees because he is so little!

BNS said...

LOL - we want another photo with the "pointy shit kicker boots that come up to his knees."

Hope you're stocking up on those wonderful batiks before you leave there, Shannon. They may look common and ordinary to you now, but if you don't take a pile with you, you'll wish you had later, believe me.

Best of luck to all of your family for your upcoming Big Move.


Gabriel said...

Cute picture! I love it.

My WW post is here. Have a great day!