Friday, June 8, 2007

On Our Way

In about 6 hours we will be heading to the airport for our long awaited trip home to visit family. The kids had their last half-day of school this morning. David, Grayson and I went to Grayson's swim class where Grayson showed off for his Daddy, meaning that he didn't throw a screaming temper tantrum until the second half of the class. Afterwards David and I decided we deserved a lunch out before "the trip" so we left Grayson with Ibu Dwi and made a quick trip to Vietopia for some yummy Vietnamese food. Now we are going to do one last check of the luggage and hope the kids don't get too dirty. Then it is just a waiting game. In a bit over 36 hours we will be home in Texas.
On a different note Dakota has in own blog He has decided to author a blog for a couple of reasons. One he really needs to practice writing and editing. So publishing something for the general public to read once a week or so will probably encourage him to work a little harder at his writing. And second it makes it easier to keep in contact with all his friends now that he goes to an international school and his friends come from all over the world. I hope everyone will give him lots of feedback on his blog and lots of support as he endeavors to improve his writing.

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KJ said...

I don't get to come home to see y'all. :( Pregnancy & a very tired suburban....whatcha gonna do? Ok....cry. :(