Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cape Town - Day Three

Today we woke up to rain.  So instead of heading to the beach we headed into Cope Town down to Two Oceans Aquarium.  So did everybody else in town.  It was seriously crowded but we had lots of fun anyway.

By the time we left the aquarium the weather had cleared, so we grabbed some lunch then headed up on the ferris wheel to get a look around.  I don't like heights so it took me a while to actually open my eyes, but I'm glad I did.  It was a great view.  There were some parasailers out by table mountain, don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon, but it was cool to watch.  And while we were up there we were able to spot our next destination and figure out how to get there.

We wandered around playing tourist, watching the street performers and acting goofy.  Grayson was even drafted by a troop of dancers and acrobats to do a bit of fire dancing.  We did a lot of window shopping and a little souvenir shopping.  Colin finally found something to spend his Christmas money on, he is now the proud owner of a furry hide.  It's antelope of some kind, I can't remember which one - springbuck maybe, but it doesn't really matter because he is happy with it.  In fact he is asleep in bed under it right now.  LOL!

The boys had been grabbing brochures at every tourist sight in town and the one place they all wanted to see was the Diamond Museum.  It was very small but fun. Dave learned that 1 carat is 0.2 grams. The boys got to dress up as old-time miners.  At the end of the tour we were led into the showroom of Shimansky because, as it turns out, the museum is a gimmick to get you into the showroom.  Not a problem.  I love sparklies, and pretty much everything in the showroom sparkled, a lot!  If you go earlier in the day you can actually watch the jewelers and diamond cutters at work creating more beautiful sparkly works of art, we arrived late in the day so the workers had already left but the boys still spent a lot of time staring at all the special tools and work benches.  Sadly I didn't get to by anything, not today anyway.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow and think I saw some Tanzanite with my name on it.


Monica said...

um, i'm not sure grayson with fire dancers is a good idea? ;) love the photos. you guys look like you are having a great time!

Shannon said...

When Grayson got almost under the bar of fire they lifted it up about two feet. He came no where near the bar. He doesn't know that though. He was all "I almost burned my hair off, I was so scared!" LOL!