Monday, June 11, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

In our family, and among our extended family and friends, I am known as the cook of the family. A reputation that comes mostly from being able to accurately follow written directions (i.e. recipe) and the total confidence if someone else can cook something there is absolutely no reason I can't as long as I have directions. Gnocchi? Sure. Pot Stickers? Why not? There are a few things I hate cooking. Lasagna for instance. All that work for something that usually tastes just as good, maybe better, if I buy it already made in the freezer section. Lasagna just isn't my thing, what can I say?

 David has a deep dark secret. He is at least as good a cook as I am, probably better since he rarely uses a recipe and it still comes out great. His specialty is stuffed peppers. They are to die for. Those of you in Malawi, next time we have a potluck anything feel free to gush to Dave that you have heard great things about his stuffed peppers, maybe he will make those. I think it is only fair after the number of pans of cinnamon rolls I have brought to various brunch type get-togethers.

 There's been a pack of peppers in the fridge just crying out to be stuffed for the last week. This weekend was one those weekends we never stopped moving, so no peppers were stuffed. Today I decided to get the recipe from Dave before the peppers went bad. David, who of course doesn't use a recipe, so he gave me the general idea of how to do it. I figured if he could do it, so could I. Yeah, famous last words. The peppers are stuffed but I am putting this on the record right now, I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. Holy cow what a lot of work. Make the sauce, brown the meat, cook the rice, char and peel the peppers, grate the cheese, then assemble everything. The only thing good I can say is at least I didn't have to make the cheese. I sincerely hope the peppers taste good, because I can make ricotta gnocchi, including making the ricotta cheese with less effort. Sadly, I really don't have a great feeling about it. I think it is going to be a lot like my lasagna: Meh, just OK. Sigh.


Terio said...

1). David IS a great cook
2). YOU are a GREAT cook
Your stuffed peppers will be great because you are a fabulous cook.
AND I can not wait to be there!!

Shannon said...

The stuffed peppers were OK Dave's are way better. I can't wait for you to here either.

hannah said...

i don't know how he does them, but stuffed peppers the Turkish way are super easy!

Monica said...

hmm. i'm willing to try yours or dave's. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Despite your misgivings, it sounds delicious!

Shannon said...

Hannah I will have to try those! Thanks for the recipe. What seemed to trip me up was the whole charring and peeling thing. there has just got to be a better way. I had little bits of backbend pepper skin and stupid pepper seeds EVERYWHERE. Dave never seems to have this kind of trouble.

Monica trust me you really want to try Dave's not mine. Maybe we can con Dave and Ed into cooking for us while I am home in Dec.

Whatimeant2say Thanks!

KJ said...

You can buy those already made like you can Lasagne, you know....well, maybe not in Malawi, but Stouffers makes them.;)