Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Week of School

This is the boys last week of school here in Malawi.  No we are not leaving post this summer, I've made the decision to homeschool next year. There are a variety of reasons, none of which are really important in the context of this post.  What is important is that after this week time without kids is going to be a rare and precious commodity.

I have a list a mile long of things I am supposed to get done this week while I still have time to do things without interruptions.  I am supposed to be getting things organized for Dave's sister Teri's month long visit in July.  I need to finalize the curriculum decisions so we can everything ordered and be ready to start  schooling when Teri leaves.  I need to finish compiling the list for our final consumables order, we only have about a month left too get it ordered.  I need to order some clothes for the kids too, they have outgrown pretty much everything, the only thing that really fits is school uniforms.  After Friday I hope I never see those things again.  Who ever decided on white uniform shirts in the land of red dirt should be taken out back and made to scrub stained shirts until their fingers bleed.  UUUGGH!  I also need to weed the vegetable garden and get some seeds planted.  There is just so much I need to be doing.

What am I really doing this week?  Pretty much NOTHING.  I am sitting with my feet up and reading a guaranteed-happy-ending-trashy-romance book.  Or more accurately a stack of  romance books.  And I'm loving every minute of it. One of the cats we are babysitting for the summer has finally decided I am not some sort of demon out to eat her, and had curled up in my lap where she is softly purring as I scratch her ears.  Is there anything better than a feel-good book and a purring cat to make for a perfect morning?  David is picking me up to take me out to lunch in a little while.  The houses a mess and I'm not entirely sure what we are eating for dinner but it is shaping up to be a great day.  I have a feeling I won't be curled up quietly reading this time next week when all the kids are home making messes faster than I can clean them up.  I better enjoy the peace while it lasts.


Nomads By Nature said...

You will be an awesome homeschool parent! I found homeschooling to be a wonderful calming experience that fit our family's needs better than any school institution's schedule - and there was better, faster learning! I think you are going to have an awesome year ahead!

Monica said...

oh, you make me laugh. where do you find me when my to-do list is ten miles long? blogging! ha! have a great last week. :o)