Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yogurt Success!

Yesterday I tried AGAIN to make yogurt. Yogurt, which countless websites assure me is beyond easy, has long eluded me. Every blessed time I try it instead of a thick creamy yogurt I end up with nasty sour milk. WHY? I follow the instructions carefully, checking temperatures, measuring everything meticulously, water baths, crock pots, doing pretty much everything but ordering one of those fancy make your own yogurt kit. I am (supposed to be) a good cook, why can't I make yogurt?

I prefer plain yogurt that I top with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. I don't like the flavored, too sweet yogurts available here. There is one brand of plain yogurt that one store stocks that I really like, but I am not alone. It always sells out quickly whenever a shipment comes in. Half the time I hear there is yogurt then get to the store only to find out there WAS yogurt but now it is sold out. It would be really great if I could figure out this yogurt thing so I could have a regular supply of the stuff.

Yesterday I tried again. And yes I used UHT milk because that's what I have. I started with a basic recipe but after doing a bunch of reading, I decided to make up my own procedure, no thermometer (good thing since the kids broke mine last month), no water baths, no fussing. And do you know what? It worked! This morning I had lovely, thick, fresh homemade yogurt for breakfast. Yummmm!

I'm not sure if I finally figured it out or if this was just a fluke. If it's a fluke it's a very tasty fluke. I will try it again and if it works I will post my instructions complete with pictures.

In the mean time tomorrow is the first day of Spring/Easter Break. For the next week and half the kiddos will be out of school and running wild. This morning I am putting my feet up, pretending I don't see the wallpaper spider, watching television, and drinking a cup of tea. Ahhh relaxation!

What's a wallpaper spider you ask? It's a remarkably flat spider, I have no idea what it is really called, the kids dubbed it a wallpaper spider. It's so flat the first time I saw one I thought it was a sticker, until it moved, then I screamed. They are incredible fast. There is one running laps between the TV, the cuckoo clock, and the curtains. I tried to make a video but the darn thing is too fast. Ignoring it seems the best bet. Meanwhile there is an HGTV program on the Home channel. HGTV is my secret vice and one of the things I miss most about home. So I am going to sign off now, go grab a cup of English breakfast tea and put my feet up. Have a great day, I intend to!

P.S. I have a post up on how to make ricotta cheese from scratch over on Hardship Homemaking. I find it's a lot more foolproof than making yogurt. Click on over and check it out!


Doug Ferguson said...

In Zambia those spiders were called "flatties", which doesn't sound like a very official name either.

Here's ours:

Congrats on the yogurt. Kate made lots of yogurt in Zambia too. We have a yogurt maker that's really just a fancy incubator. Works well though.

Monica said...

ahhhhhhh (that's me bowing down to your cooking skills). the yogurt looks yummy! :o)