Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 2011

Tonight just after I finally got all three kids in bed, I sank down onto the couch with my laptop to check my e-mail and read a few blogs. I noticed the Google Doodle for the day was of a full moon. I clicked on it to see what the deal was. I was thinking vampires or werewolves. Hmmm...maybe it's time to lay off the Laurel K. Hamilton books. No, never mind that's not going to happen.

Turns out it had nothing to do with the supernatural and everything to to do with the natural. Tonight was the longest and darkest lunar eclipse of the century and we were in the perfect place to view it. It would be only visible in it's entirety from Africa and Central Asia. Dave and I ran outside and found it was already underway. We got the two older boys out of bed and the four of us sat in the driveway watching the slow motion drama of an unfolding lunar eclipse. It was a first for Dave and the boys. I remember seeing one with mom years and years ago, I probably wasn't much older than Alonzo. It was really cool to experience it with my own kids. I hope someday they get to share the experience with their own kids.

David set up the tripod and camera to document the whole thing. I peeked at the pictures and it looks like he got some good shots but we won't really know until we load the pictures onto the computer to get a good look at them. That's not happening until tomorrow because it is 10 o'clock, he kids are back in bed, and I am enjoying a glass of wine.

There is still an eclipse going on out there, but having watched the moon slowly disappear I am not hanging around outside for another hour and half to watch it reappear. Honestly if tomorrow wasn't the last day of school I would have been happy to sit out there freezing my butt of as long as the boys wanted to, but there is school tomorrow so off to bed they had to go.

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Stephanie said...

We watched the very beginning of it. Here it didn't start until nearly midnight, but being such a historic event we had to at least try to see it. It was cloudy though so not a great view, and we decided the conditions weren't worth staying up any later.