Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It has been a long crazy day. One of those days where the harder I worked the messier the house got. I just couldn't keep up with the messes the kids were making. I hate days like that. So tonight when I called it quits and settled down to watch TV while David went to The Shack to pick Dakota up from volleyball, it was with a sigh of relief that I sank into the couch with a cup of chamomile tea.

The quiet was short lived. Just as I started to take my first sip Colin screamed. About a half a second later before I could even put down my cup he came tearing into the living room. He was white and shaking. He managed to gasp, "There's a roach in my bedroom. It's INSIDE my mosquito net. I opened my eyes and it was right there!"

I hate roaches, even more than spiders! Hate them! The deal is David is supposed to kill all roaches but Dave was gone so I had to handle it. I pulled up my big girl panties, put on some shoes, grabbed the broom and went to slay the monster. Alonzo and Colin grabbed flyswatters and informed me they had my back. I was feeling the love. Then I saw this.

Yes I stopped to take pictures. I was stalling hoping David would suddenly appear and save the day.

How the h-e-double-hockey sticks am I going to be able to get that thing out of there to kill it? I tried knocking it down by swatting it with the broom. That didn't work. Grayson is asleep in that pile of blankets in the bottom bunk. I know right? You would think that the the screaming and lights would wake him up. I wish I could sleep like that. Anyway I can't leave my baby in there with a killer cockroach so I pulled the netting as far into the room and off the bed as I could and hit the roach with the broom again. This time it worked, sort of. Instead of dropping to the floor it ran down the netting straight at me. Dayum those things can move. I screamed! Alonzo and Colin screamed, Grayson slept on. The roach dropped out on the floor at which point I beat the living crap out it with the broom. Victory!

I need a stiff drink. I am not supposed to have to deal with this sort of thing. Alonzo and Colin have gone to back to bed. They took their flyswaters with them. Both of them are crammed into Alonzo's bed. Colin refuses to get back into his own bed. I can't blame him.


Donna said...

Oh, yuck. They must've crawled out of our drain and over into your house. We have huge ones like that, too, and they FREAK ME OUT. I was packing a box to ship to my family, and as I was closing it, one jumped out onto my hand. I screamed and screamed and screamed. It ran back into the box, which I slammed shut and threw outside, gift and all. Can you imagine if I'd taped it shut and sent it to America without noticing? It probably would have killed the intended recipient, just from the shock of opening it.

Missy said...

Ahhh, yes. I used to live in a sub-tropical place with roaches that size. Advice: plug all your drains, every night. Big roaches like that generally live either outside or in the sewers. If you can't get the rubber plugs for your drains, then put a shampoo bottle on a plate and set it on the drain. This will seriously cut down on the number of roaches that get in!

I could totally deal with the spider in the overflow, but roaches freak me out. BTW, what news with Mr. Spider?

A Daring Adventure said...

Girl, I am UTTERLY TERRIFIED of roaches. I literally become non-functional. I can deal with everything else- I even used to own multiple snakes (double digits worth!) but I cannot CANNOT CANNOT deal with roaches.

ForeignObsession said...

I hate roaches...were these the flying kind? I have seen the flying...water adapted roaches. EEEEEEEEK!

Jill said...

I'll be honest, I'll take roaches over most other creepy crawlies. I got really used to them in Israel - no matter what we did, we kept getting them in every single room. HUGE monster roaches. Like 2-4 inches.

In India they were normal size... but everywhere. They don't bother me that much - and I'm used to killing them.

But my kids? Oh lady - they screamed like someone was pulling off every single toenail one by one. If they saw one ... fugetaboutit.

Shannon said...

Missy- Sadly putting a plate over the drain wouldn't hep much, the sewer access is very near the front door so there ate always a few in that garden in the evening, they just march right in the big gap under the front door along with an army of lizards and spiders. So far Mr. Spider hasn't put in a reappearance which makes me think the overflow drain empties outside instead of being connected to the plumbing and he has crawled away hopefully never to be seen again.

Foreign Obsession - Yes it is the huge flying roaches that we call waterbugs in Texas. At least it didn't fly, I hate the demon helicopter sound they make. *shudder!*

Jill- I KNOW roaches won't hurt me unlike spiders or scorpions but something about them just makes my skin crawl. I can deal with the little German ones (never had them in Germany) no problem even if they touch me I don't freak. The big ones though, they crawled out of some 50s B-flick horror movie. Night of the Enormous Killer Roaches!

wereposa said...

Hilarious!! I can SO relate as Mozambique seems to have its cousins. I swear they move just as fast and jerky and come straight at you like they were being driven by some hidden remote controlled car. Our kids biggest fears right now are the mega millipedes. Maybe Santa will bring each child their own flyswatter for sweet bug free slumber as the nets don't always separate them from the crawlies. I like the idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey your blog is all pink! I read you in a feedreader so don't click over very often.
Thank you for this post and for the pics. I still struggle with being back in the US, but this? This is something I most definitely was happy to leave behind!!
And how funny that your snake and spider loving boys can't deal with roaches! Mine can't either. This makes me feel better :)

Kate Husband said...

I had dead baby cockroaches arrive here in Germany with my stuff! Bleck bleck bleck.

Monica said...

OMG, girl!!! i SOOOOOOO cannot take roaches. absolutely HATE them and will scream and have ed move every blessed piece of furniture until he brings me their dead bodies. SO GROSS. brave you for killing that one. good luck, girl. i am not strong enough to endure that. funny, i think i could manage everything else, but giant roaches......THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE. ;o)

Jae said...

I abhor ROACHES! AGGGGH! My poor friend! I hate even killing them as they are SO gross! My roach-hating heart is with you!

Bfiles said...

oh, yuck. I admire your bravery. I will say, though, that after living in Venezuela for a year, i did get used to them- and I was deadly afraid when I arrived. So maybe there is hope.