Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup Mania

I don't follow soccer/futbol/whatever. I am from Texas y'all, when we talk about football we do NOT mean soccer. My kids however are from Texas only on paper. Texas is a place they visit every few years on home leave or R&R. Living here in Germany they have definitely caught soccer fever. They play soccer on the playground every chance they get. Once a week they go to the soccer park for PE, Alonzo has even been to a professional game. They know the rules, they know the names of many of the players, at least the German ones. Right now they are up way past bedtime watching the US vs Ghana game of the World Cup. The US just scored tying the game at 1 to 1 so the kids are bouncing all over the room chanting USA! USA! USA! They are really into it, it is so cute. I just wish I had a clue of what was going on. My knowledge of soccer doesn't extend past the object is to kick the ball into the net, that's a touchdown right? Kidding...just kidding.


Connie said...

I probably like soccer more than any other team sport - period - but that's not saying much. I know little more than your touchdown ;) ... the whole offsides thing (what?) and what is a foul and what is acceptable crashing into one another? I'm lost. We are only BARELY starting to watch network (meaning AFN only) tv. We did not have any form of cable or satellite in our last apartment. It was available, but I was glad to do without. However, kids are older. They should watch news and other modern cultural crap in order to be informed and educated (using those terms loosely, but you know what I mean...) and so that means we've been able to watch a few of the games. Our son has only recently taken an interest in playing and he plays whenever he can. We saw the US sv Algeria game at home, watched Slovakia beat Italy at the club, and dh and I watched the US vs Ghana game last night... that was a long game, and got pretty intense towards the end. It is fun watching the kids get into it. I wish I were better at answering their questions though ;D My 7yo asked me the other day, "What if one of the 'judges' is in the middle of the field and blocks the ball?" Um...? I really don't know. She also wondered if there were green cards to go with the red and yellow.

fsowannabe said...

Sad to see how the USA went out on the World Cup, but a respectable showing from a country that puts soccer somewhere between fishing and chess in terms of sports popularity. Can't wait to here David's thoughts on FS finances.