Monday, June 14, 2010


What a weekend. If you think that nothing can follow up the chaos of pack out, boy are you wrong. Try International day at school, and no we couldn't skip because one of the boys was performing with the choir; community goodbye party at the Seidlung; the movie release Diary of a Wimpy Kid at the base theater - we promised the boys they could see it when it came out since they read the books; the final cub scout event of the year The Raingutter Regatta and the awarding of prizes, belt loops, patches, arrow points; Alonzo's first double digit birthday -yes he turned 10; and my oldest's graduation from high school. WHEW! All that in two days.

I will have some blogging to do this week to get everyone back home all caught up, but not today. Today I am just taking a moment to catch my breath. I am finally getting a chance to sit down and read the State Department Weekly Roundup and I just now realized I am in charge of the roundup this week. WOW! I had forgotten that in all the hustle and bustle of the past week, thanks Ryan and Lori Exciting Adventures for the reminder at the end of this weeks post. I have a tough act to follow, I better get busy, but first I am just going to sit here in my empty house on the ugly sofa and drink my coffee.


Connie said...

You have been busy!! Unbelievable to have to face so much at PCS time. If moms got badges likes scouts do, you'd need a new sash! :D

Shannon said...

Thanks Connie! I needed that! Today has not gone as planned. dave says I should blog about it, maybe I will, but first I am going to drink a beer.