Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Are Ready, I Hope.

Almost time now. It feels as if packout is all I have been thinking about forever. I know that isn’t true. It has been the major focus around here for only the last month. It has been a long month. In less than 8 hours the movers will be here to pack everything up and send it on it’s way to Malawi. We are way more ready than we have ever been for any previous move, and yet I am still completely freaking out. I just don’t do change well.

I like the status quo. I like knowing that when I open the cabinet I will see my favorite coffee mug waiting there. I like seeing my pictures on the wall where they belong. I like my clutter. I do not like moving. I hate when everything around me is chaos and not much seems more chaotic than having nothing in the house where it belongs.

Right now our suitcases with just enough clothes to get by for the summer are packed away upstairs in a locked room so they don’t accidentally get shipped leaving us with only the clothes on our backs. There is a pile of stuff heading back to storage in another room. We don’t have an air shipment from here to the next post this time because Dakota is flying the nest so everything in his room will be heading back to the states as UAB (unaccompanied air baggage for those of you not fluent in foreign service acronym). If we were to take it to post or send it to storage he would have no access to any of his stuff, so we are sending it to his uncles house where it can sit in his garage until he wants it. Hopefully all the hard work we have put in getting ready will mean that the move goes smoothly and easily. I just can’t shake the feeling we have overlooked something major, but I have no idea what that could be.


Connie said...

I think you have that feeling of overlooking something important until you are fully settled at the other end! Know what you mean about wanting to have everything where it goes.. I find that one of the hardest things about getting settled is NOT having needed things in the junk drawer, you know, like that extra long twist tie thing you saved from a package, just in case. Or scotch tape. Rubber bands. Envelopes of various sizes. Butter in the fridge. Scrap rags for extra messy spills in the laundry closet. There are certain things that are just supposed to be there! You don't move with them, they only appear after you've been in the house for awhile, and are definitely NOT where they 'should be' when you reach for them during those first awkward months in a new place!

Shannon said...

Exactly! I already miss my junk drawer! And I just spent the last 20 minutes freaking out because I couldn't find all the sheets in the welcome kit. We got one of the new disposable kit and were responsible for storing it someplace in out house for the last two years. I was panicking that somehow I didn't pack it all up and was now without enough sheets for all the kids. Did finally find it but still!