Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Usually I make something for David for Father's Day. This tradition dates back to when we had very little money so I would have to use my imagination to come up with something for the kids to give him. This year Father's Day fell after we were packed out. I tried but really there isn't much to use to make something. No craft supplies, no cooking supplies, not really much of anything. He had to settle for a frisbee, a coffee cup, and Father's Day brunch down at the field house. Not ideal but better than nothing.

David however didn't let no supplies stop him when Colin came home with an assignment to make a costume out of whatever we had laying around the house. They are studying "Frankfurt Then and Now". He drew the "then" for mail carrier, which would make him a medieval currier. Colin had done all the research at school, and knew what he wanted his costume to look like. He wanted black pants, black long sleeve shirt, and a hooded cloak. What we have laying around the house is a lot of ugly government furniture, and a roll of tape the movers left behind and 6 suitcases each with enough clothes for one week none of which include a black long sleeved shirt or a cloak. After a quick trip to the PX on base there was also some new pajamas with a long sleeve black shirt, and a box of black trash bags just "laying around "the house.

Dave hard at work designing a cloak out of trash bags using my manicure kit to cut, and tape the movers left join the peices together.

Shirt turned inside out so you can't see the helicopter on the front of it, trash bag hooded cape, and black dress pants borrowed from Grayson, only a little too small. He looks pretty medieval, don't you think?

David finished off Father's Day by reading aloud to the kids at bedtime. It was too cute. I walked by after tucking Grayson in and saw the kids curled up in Alonzo's bed listening, while David sat on the window ledge and read. He is such a good dad!
The boys are both looking at Dad and listening but I don't think Bing is all that interested in the story.

How cute is he? He is reading 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson. I am really going to miss the bookstore on base, and those deep window sills too.


TulipGirl said...

Impressive! Manicure kit, trash bags and packing tape!

Connie said...

Aw!!! Happy Father's Day to your good man :)

Z. Marie said...

Oh, this is all so great!
And really, when do cats ever listen to anything?

Monica said...

love, love, love this post. dave is definitely up there in the top. ed swam in a 10 by 10 pool with the kids. quite funny...and just a little endearing. ;o) glad you guys had a good one. love you guys and see you SOON!!!

Ando said...

Where did you find that adorable green frog??

Shannon said...

Tulip girl I was totally impressed. He can be in charge of all crafty projects with the kids from now on!


Ando if you look very carefully at the top left of the frog's square you will see some green letters. CLick on them it will take you to a site you can get your own cyberpet.

Anonymous said...

David is such a great dad! And you are such a wonderful mom!! Meow!