Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Off Gone Bad

Today was supposed to be my day off. For weeks I have been saying I just need to make it to the 14th then I can have a day to relax. Let me tell you there has been no relaxing today, none at all. Instead I am tired, stressed, and ridiculously weepy. I don't think I can write whole paragraphs today so I am borrowing my dear friend Monica's favorite blogging device, the list.

1. The coffee shop at the base changed it's opening time from 9 am to 10 am as of today. This became important because if I had been at the base sipping a latte and browsing at the books store like I had planned, then the next thing on my list would never have happened, and most likely the rest of the day would have been fine, or at least fine-ish. Yes I am reduced to making up words at this point.

2. While heading out the base for a later than usual latte before I even cleared the security checkpoint another car backed up and hit me. Yes, hit the van. As in wrecked my car. Paul if you are reading this don't freak it is still drivable, just not so pretty as it was this morning. The other driver was a young lady who was very shaken and neither of us had any clue as what to do. She called her Mom, I called Dave, they both called RSO and after a very long time it was straightened out. I gave up on the latte went home and cried. Seemed reasonable to me. I also e-mailed Monica (of the list fame) with a long rant about teenage drivers. She hasn't e-mailed me back, she is probably still laughing at my creative use of certain four letter words.

3. Managed to sit on my sunglasses. My prescription sunglasses. Driving without glasses is not an option any more and I sat on my sunglasses. It is not raining today. Straightened them the best I could, they are still a little wonky, but I needed them. New ones are not in the current budget at this point, they will have to do.

4. Dave decided to take me out to eat. As I left to go pick him up to go to lunch I managed to lock myself out of the house. More tears, called Dave to say I am sorry but I can't make it, he called Dakota who left work on his very first day of work to bring me his house keys and a Starbucks frappuccino in a bottle. I have a good son.

5. Dave took me out to McDonald's. Had some sort of grilled chicken wrap thingy. It was good. Really. There are limited choices around the consulate here so he did the best he could, he is a good husband.

6. Went to the base to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on my day off is a bad thing on it's own, but eating is a good thing so I had to go shopping. Forgot half the stuff I needed and forget to fill up on gas so I will have to go back again later this week. Oh well. There is milk and cereal in the fridge for breakfast and frozen pizza in the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

7. The weights from our shipments came in. We are WAYYYY over. Are you sitting down? Here are the totals. HHE to Lilongwe: 7699, HHE to storage: 464 pounds for a grand total of 8153 pounds HHE. Almost exactly what was predicted BEFORE I spent 2 weeks obsessively cleaning and throwing out huge bags of stuff. The only saving grace is that our consumables got thrown in with our HHE. We are having our consumables pulled and made into it's own shipment. That should take most of the weight out, I hope. We will know more tomorrow...maybe...I hope.

8. The GPS suddenly lost all it's European maps. They just vanished while we were picking up the kids from school. No idea what happened. David just spent forever on the computer trying to figure out what went wrong, now all the maps are back but all of our bookmarked locations are gone. Technology is great when it works but when it goes wrong it sucks, big time.

9. Kids screamed and yelled all the way home. Nothing new here, but totally out patience with their arguing if that was a fiat or an alpha romeo. It was a flipping car, what more do you really need to know? And really is it a good idea to be screaming while your parents are freaking out because the GPS just died?

I am going to call this day done before anything else goes wrong. Hope your day was better than mine.


Sara said...

Try for new sunglasses. The regular glasses I have (that I've had for over a year and a half and have lasted even though we're pretty abusive around here) were only $8.00. Including lenses. I'm sure you guys could find an affordable pair of sunglasses there for you.

Daniela Swider said...

Oh, my! What a day you've had! I know I'd be crying if I were you. But as bad as it is you know what people say - this too shall pass. Things will get better.

Here's a link to a blog dedicated to finding inexpensive prescription eyeglasses online:

Hope it helps!

Connie said...

When it rains, it pours :( So sorry you had such a mean day! Hopefully that's all the bad stuff ganging up on you in one go though, and now that you're past it, it will be smooth sailing... we can hope, right???

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh SHANNON. I can't even IMAGINE about the car wreck, and that's not even everything else, and that's not even the loss of the kitty, and that's not even the move, and that's not even Dakota growing up, and that's not even...

I am SO SORRY. Words just... fail me. I can't even imagine what else to say. My heart just aches for you. I hope that everything will be okay with the car?

And I totally understand about the boys bickering. Um, I SO WAY understand. My boys are master detectives of stress. Whenever there's stress around, the boys somehow know and their own stress ratchets up and they're off to the races over something ridiculous just like whether it was a fiat or an alpha romeo. And I think - WHAT DOES IT MATTER? IS IT WORTH MAKING YOUR MOTHER WANT TO THROW HERSELF OUT OF A MOVING CAR??!?!

Oh, so many hugs to you. I'm so sorry.

Bfiles said...

oh I really sympathize with everything. Hang in there and know many people are thinking of you.

Jae said...

Good gracious woman! It's time for you to get HOME! :-D Texas is calling ya!

fsowannabe said...

jeepers - you are having one terrible week. Hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

This summer, when you are FAR away from Germany, we will ALL laugh about all of these mishaps, and we will drink, well, whatever we can get our hands on and laugh some more! Until then, hang in there, Shannon! MEOW!