Monday, September 7, 2009

Rock Climbing Felsenmeer

This weekend we discovered a new favorite thing to do as a family. Rock climbing! About 45 minutes outside of town is The Felsenmeer, a huge boulder field that runs uphill. If you look carefully in the picture below you will be able to see the boulders snaking uphill between the trees. The rocks continue all the way uphill to the top. It took us around two hours to climb to the top including a short break for a quick picnic lunch.

What was great was the size of the boulders and the slope of the hill. The rocks were big enough to make it fun and challenging to climb and the slope was not so steep as to make it too scary for me (and Grayson). Once we reached the top Cody took a break by sitting on a huge carved column. It was carved by Romans sometime in the fourth century. It is estimated to weigh around 27 tons. I want to know how the Romans were planning on moving this thing.

While we were all hanging out at the top looking around we noticed bikers using the boulders for some trick biking. They were hopping up and down on the rocks like wheeled kangaroos. It was pretty amazing to watch. I could almost see Alonzo thinking "bike+pogo=cool bike tricks. I can bike, I can pogo, I can do this!" I am hoping he doesn't break anything major when he gets around to trying this for himself.

Of course what goes up must come back down so after we caught our breath we headed back down the the bottom where the car was parked. Cody climbed back down over the rocks but the rest of opted to follow the side trails through the woods and walk rather than climb down. maybe next time we will climb instead.


Monica said...

as usual - gorgeous pics.

Brenda said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Really amazing :) The view is breath taking, glad you had lots of fun.

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