Thursday, September 17, 2009

Overheard Converstaions

This morning I popped in a Wiggles CD on the way to school and braced myself for the usual round of complaints from the back seat. Instead I heard this:

"Remember, a long time ago, when we liked this music?" asked Alonzo.
"Yeah" replied Colin
"Remember how we used to watch them on TV and dance?"
"Yeah! Wake up Jeff!" Lots of giggles following this statement.
"Oh! Mom can you turn the music up? I like this song." asked Colin.
"You mean you used to like it, back in the old days." Alonzo reminded his brother that they were too old for such foolishness.
"Yeah I USED to like it, turn it up."

The rest of the trip passed in a blur of Fruit Salad, Yum Yummy and Captain Feathersword rocking on the sea with all three kids singing along. I am sure this afternoon will return us to our battle stations but the break from the hostilities was very welcome.

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Monica said...

THAT is hilarious. LOVE it.