Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How did this happen?

Monica said I had to the post this. The following is from an excerpt from an e-mail conversation between Monica and myself. I am the one speaking.

"I just got back from shopping at the base commissary and while I was there watching all the young (mostly pregnant) moms try and keep the little ones from tossing every damn thing into the cart I realized I had turned into one of those women we love to hate. You know the ones going grocery shopping without kids clinging to her, has makeup on, has taken a shower in the last 24 hours, hair combed, no baby food/poop/vomit on her clothes, cute shoes (they are really really cute found them last week and am wearing them constantly they are so cute) cute skirt not blue jeans or sweats. How the hell did this happen? I am confused."

This is a warning to certain members of my family and you know who you are: If your comment has anything to do with getting old I WILL hunt you down!


Jae said...

OK, they ARE really cute shoes!! And ain't it grand?! Being alone, looking good, even just for groceries?! When I was feeling better, I loved it - I'd even give that "indulgent" smile to the mom with the three kids causing a ruckus... ah. ;)

Monica said...

girl, you are rockin those CUTE shoes.....AND are you skinny??? because you look skinny! what a cute outfit - you look grand!

Jenn said...

You look so cute! :)

Terio said...

I Love thast skirt!!