Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visitors Yay!

Today we took a break from research and enjoyed having some guests stop by. Before we decided to pick up and move overseas we lived in a great little neighborhood with lots of wonderful friends. I feel fortunate to have lived there and still keep in contact with many from the old neighborhood. By a weird quirk of fate our neighbor from across the street back then is here in Germany for a couple of months due to his job. He and a friend found time this weekend to drive to Germany and hang out for a while. I really enjoyed seeing him. We rarely get visitors here so this was a special treat. Dave snapped this pictures of our family with Chris and his friend Steve. Thanks guys for stopping by it really made this a special day.


Stephanie Melton said...

I'm so glad Chris made time to go see you guys. I told him it would make me feel less guilty for not seeing you while I was there. Just about everywhere Chris had planned for us to visit was in the totally opposite direction of Frankfurt, like Italy and Austria. I think the day we went to Heidleberb we were closest to Frankfurt. At least, that's what I could make from the highway signs. We were cramming that in after his workday, so there was no time to come by then. I really would have liked to come by. Addison and I were stuck in Stuttgart for 3 days while he was working, but I was not about to drive over there. I would have gotten lost driving around the block. We'd even looked at train tickets to go visit Dachau one day and that was going to be over $200 for each of us. So we were limited to the subway, which broke one day and freaked me out. I mean, when the Germans are upset by the German announcement you know that's bad for the dumb english speakers! Any way, I'm really glad Chris got to come see you guys before you move off to some place he may not visit. Collin looks like I remember Alanzo and Grayson looks like I remember Collin. I'm pretty sure Cody was not taller than you when you moved! I sure think your family is fortunate to have the experience of seeing the world. What a great experience for the kids. I hope our kids will have similar exposure one day. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time :) I totally that there can be nothing much more stimulant then being visited by friendly people.

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Monica said...

SMALL world! that's so crazy, eh?