Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will You Be Watching?

Will you be watching tonight when Barrack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States?

This is an historic event, as indeed is each inauguration. It really doesn't matter who you voted for. If you are an American, Barrack Obama will be your President for the next four years. It doesn't even matter really if you are American, one of the things I have learned living overseas is the world is watching. Some of the people I know who are most pleased with Obama's election are not American. This election has been covered just as heavily in the foreign media as in our own. I am watching the BBC Breakfast right now, they are interviewing Trinny and Susannah (from What Not To Wear and Trinny and Susannah: Meet Their Match) and having finished plugging their new show the talk has turned to the inauguration. Being Trinny and Suzanna they are most concerned about what Michelle Obama will be wearing, but still the inauguration is THE topic on all channels this morning.  

My kids have been very aware of the election proceedings this last year. I am not sure if this is because we are living overseas during an election year, or if it is just this election in particular seemed to take over everything. It could be argued that really this is the first election that Alonzo and Colin are old enough to really be interested, and of course this is true. However Cody, at 16, is old enough to remember a couple of previous elections and this is certainly the first in which he showed any interest at all. Perhaps it is partly the kids feel a strange kinship with Obama since they lived in Jakarta for two years where he also spent part of his childhood. I suspect that it is a combination of all these factors and more.

Tonight I will read Arthur Meets The President to the kids, talk about when they met George W. Bush, then we will watch as the President elect becomes, finally, the President. For my kids this is a bit of a treat since we have a firm "NO TV on school nights" rule.

I hope where ever you are you take a moment to observe the changing of the guard and if you have children involve them in this moment.  Regardless of your political views take a moment so share, celebrate, educate and look to the future. 


Monica said...

Love your post today. I am watching ALL DAY. I am so excited. Ed has to work and is sad. But he has his laptop, so I know he will be checking in all day too. So exciting!

The Right Blue said...

Excellent post, Shannon. You have summed it up so well. I hope you and your family enjoyed watching the inauguration, both for the pageantry and traditions, as well as for the historical import of this particular event. We got up in what was the middle of the night, Hawaii time, not to miss a moment of the events. And you are right: the whole world was watching.


Terio said...

At our school, we watched all day! It was wonderful to be a part of history. I did not vote for Obama but I will support him as my President. It WILL take the entire US community pulling together to make the changes neccessary...