Thursday, January 22, 2009

What if we all did this?

I am an NPR junkie, yes it is true, I am addicted. For those of you unfamiliar that is National Public Radio. Now that I don't live in the states I listen by streaming audio over the computer or via podcast.  This morning as I was setting bread to rise I was listening to This I Believe, a program that allows people to share the personal beliefs by which they live their lives.  The program I listened to this morning originally aired on January 12th.  It is a very powerful statement about diplomacy on a personal level.  So powerful in fact, that as soon as it ended I pushed the button on the ipod to make it repeat so I could listen to it again paying better attention this time. Here is the program summary from the NPR website: 
Every Sunday for 30 years, Jim Haynes has welcomed complete strangers into his Paris home for dinner. By introducing people to each other and encouraging them to make personal connections, Haynes believes he can foster greater tolerance in the world.
Please take five minutes to listen to Jim Haynes as he talks about inviting the world to dinner. How different would the world be if we all participated in something like this? How could there be wars if we all sat down to dinner with people from all over the world. How could prejudice exist if we took the time to break bread with friends not yet met?  This is one man doing his part to make a better world.   You can read the program transcript or listen to the audio by clicking here.

In the spirit of reaching out let us know if you will be in the Frankfurt area and would like to stop by for dinner. Just leave a comment or send us an e-mail. 


Jenn said...

Ya know, we all know you make homemade bread. You don't have to throw things like "This morning as I was setting bread to rise" in to remind us. SHEESH woman.

Shannon said...

First you are missing the point of this post. Go listen to the broadcast and get back to me

Second how am I going to get people to stop in for dinner if I don't brag about cooking just a little? I restrained myself from pointing out that I also made homemade corn tortillas this week.