Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well That's Done!

This was my living room this morning. Well, maybe it wasn't as clean as the picture but all the decorations and the tree were still there. Alonzo and Colin FINALLY returned to school today so I arranged for Grayson to stay for after school care (he normally gets out at noon) and spent the whole day putting away Christmas, alone, with no kids.

This is my living room tonight. It is free of (almost) all Christmas decorations and order has been restored. Ahhh! The poinsettia will stay until I either murder it or it is warm enough to plant it outside. I am betting I murder it long before spring.

Even more importantly with all the hanging window ornaments gone the curtains can be easily closed without worrying about breaking something. This a big deal because it is COLD outside. This morning the temperature was -15 celsius. That sounded really cold but I don't do metric as a general rule so I looked it up on the computer and it turns out it IS really cold, 5 degrees fahrenheit to be precise. Brrrr. The curtains really help to keep the inside a little bit warmer.


Terio said...

You do realize that poinsettias are poison to cats?

Shannon said...

Yes about as poison as they are to kids, they've got to eat a whole bunch to even get a tummy ache! Besides years ago I stalked the kitties with a water gun and blasted them every time they got near the poinsettias or climbed the tree. To this day they act as if they are too good to notice it! Not a single nibble on the plant. It stays.