Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Snowing!

Just barely, but it is snowing. I tried to take a picture but it is snowing so lightly that I can't pick it up on the camera. It doesn't matter though,  the kids are beside themselves excited! They have been outside catching snowflakes on their tongues and racing about.  It doesn't often snow very much in Frankfurt, but in the Taunus it is a whole different story. The kids have already figure this out for themselves.  

Twice they have rung the doorbell to ask if I can check the webcams (tech savvy kids, Sheez!) to see if it is snowing in the mountains yet (Nope, not yet).  When I see snow in Konigstein or Oberursel we will pack up the van with sleds, blankets, and hot cocoa.  With a little luck we will get to try out the new sled this weekend.  Yay! 

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Terio said...

Yea! I bet they are chompin' to get to the mountains! What fun! WishI was there!