Sunday, January 25, 2009


This morning was pretty warm, in fact this whole week has been pretty warm considering the snow we had a few weeks ago.  The duck pond that had ice skaters gliding across it just over a week ago, today has little patches of water along the edges. So instead of going sledding today we planned to go hiking.  As we loaded up the car with the jogging stroller, snacks, and coats the kids begged us to load the sleds just in case, so in went the sleds.  Boy was that a good call on the kids part.  After a good bit more begging from the kids we decided to head up high into Taunus to look for snow before we went hiking at lower elevations.  It didn't take long to realize we were going sledding.  Once we started climbing uphill we hit snow pretty quickly.

It was almost a very short lived sledding trip. On the first run down the hill in the saucer Alonzo managed to crash into a small tree (really large shrub) and bang his head.

See the bright yellow coat in the center of the picture? That's Alonzo, he is headed straight for that patch of trees right at the bottom of the hill. He never even slowed down before he hit. It was a very scary moment.

Dad to the rescue!
David had been waiting to take Grayson downhill on the wooden sled but instead he handed Grayson to me and headed down alone to make sure Alonzo was OK.

By the time David got down there Alonzo had climbed out of the bushes and walked over to where David slid to a stop. He had a bump on the head, but was otherwise fine. Good thing he has a hard head, takes after his daddy he does!

David gave him a ride back to the top of the hill. Isn't he a nice guy? He would have had to walk if it had been Mom to the rescue. I could barely pull Grayson up the hill much less Alonzo.

The rest of the time passed (mostly) uneventfully, well there was the time Cody (also on the saucer) plowed through three boys like a bowling ball. It was a strike, he knocked all three down but all were unhurt and went on sledding. Alonzo was back on the sled and flying downhill in less than five minutes. What a fun afternoon. I can't wait to go again.


Monica said...

LOVE the dad to the rescue pic. that is so perfect. looks like a ton of fun.

Terio said...

Looks like SO much fun!! I am so glad that you all FINALLY got to go real sledding! I love the pictures! By the way, how was the bush?