Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moment in Time

There are in our lives those moments in time that when looked back on later will be remembered with photographic clarity. Sometimes these moments are momentous: graduations, weddings, and funerals. Other times these are just ordinary moments that hang in our memory for unknown reasons but are just as special: sitting on the creek bank fishing in the summer heat, a cup of warm cocoa on the first really cold day of winter. Sometimes you know it is happening and try hard to remember every detail, other times it just happens. At a party last night I looked around the last 10 partygoers as we sang American Pie and realized in a few weeks time all but two of this group will have moved on to new assignments around the world and likely would never see each other again, would never gather in a living room in Jakarta for an evening of sadly off tune Karaoke. I tried to grab all the details and store them away for another day in the photo album of my mind. The smell of the pizza, the taste of home brewed beer, warmth of freindships found so far from home.

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