Sunday, April 15, 2007


Look Mom, I got a tattoo! OK so it is a henna tattoo and will wear off in a few weeks. It still looks cool.
This last weekend was very busy. Friday night Cody, oh excuse me, Dakota (he has forbidden his friends to call him Cody) had a concert. He plays tuba in the concert band. The Concert Band performed along with the String Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir and the Dance groups. David and I took Colin to watch. He enjoyed seeing and hearing all the different instruments but he really liked the dancers. The best part was when Colin yelled “HI CODY” as the Concert Band took their places on stage.
Saturday we went to Family Fun Fair at the Pondok Indah campus of JIS. It was pretty much like a school sponsored festival back home except more over the top. Lots of inflatable bouncer type of rides. There was a climbing wall, a big slide, an obstacle course and even a Velcro wall. Which Cody thought was fun until he got stuck upside down on the wall then the Velcro let go and he landed on his head. We ate junk food, passed on the pony rides, I got tattooed (you were wondering where the tattoo fit in weren’t you?), checked out the bazaar, and rode the little “train” around the campus before Grayson tired out then we all headed home. That evening Cody watched the younger kiddos while Dave and I went to the music lounge at the American Club to watch our friend Matt Marlow perform with Eric and Ray. It always amazes me how much talent some people have.
Sunday we did our usual morning swim and lunch at the American club then headed home to let the kids have a rest while I went to my book club meeting. This month we read The Collectors by David Baldacci. It was a pretty good book and as always the meeting was enjoyable, although towards the end much of the conversation moved to the upcoming pack out dates of many of our members who will be leaving Jakarta this summer to move on to posts all over the world. I am both excited for all those moving on to new adventures and a sad to see them go. Such is life in the Foreign Service.

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