Saturday, April 28, 2007

15! Well Almost

Today was Dakota's 15th birthday party. His birthday is really Monday but he has to go to school then so we partied today. The celebrations were held at the American club due to the fact I won't allow large groups of teenagers in my house. I would rather have cattle in the house than teenagers. Yes Mom, I know you had to replace the carpet after my Holstein dairy cow wandered through the house, but trust me she only ruined the carpet, teenagers could ruin so much more.

We held the party poolside and after a slow start the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. They had pizza, which they inhaled, popcorn that was used for a food fight and carrot cake. They ate the cake and smeared frosting all over each other. Since it was made clear in advance that our job was to a) pay for the party and b) not actually talk to the teenagers as that would be embarrassing to the birthday boy, David and I watched from the sidelines and only stepped in to make sure that no food was thrown into the pool. The rest of the party was spent playing in the pool and basically acting like teenagers.

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KJ said...

You expect me to believe that David did NOT embarrass Dakota? DAVID?!!! You gotta be kidding!