Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm Not Dead, and Neither is this Blog

But I really, really hope this guy is truly, completely, and totally dead.

He (She? It??)  is the boys' newest treasure found tossed up on the beach. It now resides on the book shelf next to our dining room table where it sits and watches while we eat dinner each night.

The kids swear it is a puffer fish skull.  Personally I think it is proof that aliens exist and should be shipped to Area 51 pronto.

What do you think it is?


Eve Josar said...

amazing. Amazing is what it is! My husband has an impressive skull collection. yup. I said collection. The first time we went to cape town we were walking on the beach and he waded in enough to pull out a very meaty seal skull- with vertebrae still attached. I gasped- PUT THAT DOWN NOW! He still hasn't forgiven me. I do think they're beautiful- but not before the sun has had a chance to bleach them out. I'd say your guys found a treasure!

Shannon said...

Do you travel with them? Any trouble with it? The boys have a quite a collection both at home and here. Current favorite is a sea turtle skull gracing our piano. It will probably have to stay here as they are endangered.