Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Moments of Our Life

There are moments in life that are etched indelibly on your memory.  Some of these you expect, your graduation day, your wedding day, the day your first child is born.  Others catch you by surprise, but remain vivid and clear even years later.  For me it often seems to include music and foreign countries.  a living room in Jakarta Indonesia, a good friend on guitar and the rest of us in a tight circle arms draped over shoulders singing "Leaving on a jet plane, don't know if I'll be back again" just days before most of the group would indeed be leaving on a jet plane. The Siedlug quick shop restaurant on a Saturday night in Frankfurt Germany, leaning on my husband watching my kids and my husband's colleague and his son enjoying the music of a German guitarist playing American music, laying down the tracks for each song as he goes through his playlist and drinking a dunkels. A Khondi in Lilongwe Malawi, people from several different countries, all together to celebrate our mutual friendship with a very special couple, dancing the Macarena and then singing "We will survive."

Looking back at each of theses moments fills my eyes with tears and my heart with joy.  I treasure those memories and hope that someday, somewhere my path crosses with each of those people again.