Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things Kids Say - Colin Edition

"Mom, Where is tortellini from? Italy or France?"

"Italy? Why?"

"Can we move to Italy? Please? They have good food."

We had this conversation as we cleaned up after dinner. I made tortellini with pesto cream sauce, yum! I love that kid, and Italy is OK with me. Too bad we will have to wait until this fall to find out if it is on our bid list.


Nomads By Nature said...

I'd vote for Italy too! Hoping the bid list has a lot of gems just waiting for you!

Monica said...

um. yes. i vote for italy.

Connie said...

Our kids are like that too. We start talking about different posts, and they ask about food. I have to try making an alfredo pesto. Both LOVE alfredo, and have only recently fallen for pesto too. My daughter likes it however she finds it, my son though prefers it 'not too strong'. I think Alfredo with pesto would be a hit!