Monday, January 30, 2012

Wild Alligators In the Bathtub

On Wednesday I posted a picture of an alligator in the bathtub.

For those of you that asked, No it's not real, it's one of the boy's toys that has been periodically scaring the pants off me for years. That thing is at least 15 years old and yet every time I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye I jump. I used to feel pretty silly about it until the boys left it on the back step in Jakarta. Dwi, our wonderful pembantu, came to me in a panic, "I think there is a snake by the backdoor!" I peeked out the back window and for a moment my heart began to race and then I realized what I was seeing was the tail of that stupid plastic alligator. We had a good laugh.

I didn't stage the bathtub picture. I think Grayson left it in the bathtub, although it is possible that one of the older boys was deliberately trying to scare me. If so, it worked. I walked by and out of the corner of my eye I saw the alligator. For a second I totally panicked. Then I dissolved into almost hysterical laughter even before I realized it was just that stupid plastic alligator, again. All I could think was where did Colin find THAT thing? You see just a few days before that picture was taken I had posted this comment on Facebook,

My kids have decided I am the meanest mom ever! I have declared a technology vacation today. No wii, no iPads, no computers. I expect them to go OUTSIDE and play, or play boardgames TOGETHER.

To which the fabulous Donna replied,

Somehow I sense your next blog post will tell the story of how they get back at you by releasing some sort of a wild alligator in your bathroom. You might want to give back that iPad before it's too late.

Not only is she a talented writer but apparently she can predict the future. I'm just glad the croc was fake, this time anyway.


Becky said...

Again I find it telling that no one's first response was "Faker!" Funny that I was totally ready to believe that there was a croc in your bath. you are a tough lady.

Donna said...

I completely forgot about that Facebook exchange! I have no memory, but at least I can predict the future. That's some consolation. I've been over here wondering how you got that thing in your bathtub. And, like Becky, I never doubted it was real for a second. Only in the Cyberbones family would we all assume it was real.

Connie said...

When my kids were very young, they had a collection of realistic plastic snakes and a couple of plush snakes too. Their nanny despised these toys and would hide them, She'd actually tie the plush ones in knots and hide them at the bottom of the toy box. The kids (being very little and not sneaky, they were just playing their own games) would find them again and stage them around the house with their other animals... totally freaking out the nanny, who would go on safari, collect them all, and hide them again! I stayed out of it because other than the extreme snake aversion, she was great.. that poor lady would NOT EVER have survived in your house. ;) I think your boys are awesome!

Monica said...

okay. i could've sworn i commented on this already??? thank GAWD it is fake. but, i must say even the fake one has me freaking out. your boys are NOT ALLOWED to marry my girls because i *might* have to live with them in my old age and i prefer not to die that way. ;o)