Monday, May 16, 2011

The Last First Tooth and a Spider Too

Today Grayson lost his first tooth. He's my baby. This is the last first tooth any of my babies will loose. It's the beginning of the end of an era.

He looks so darn cute with the little gap in front.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner Colin walked in the backdoor, I heard him giggle, he was happy about something. In hindsight that giggle had an evil sound to it. I turned around to find this in his hand.

That my friends is a baboon spider. In other words an African tarantula. A real live nightmare that lives in my backyard.

I screamed, the boys, including my husband, made fun of me, then took the little horror outside for a photo shoot. Oh thank God they took it outside! Apparently it is a budding spider super model because David took dozens of pictures while it obligingly posed. Meanwhile I decided I was too traumatized to continue cooking, poured myself a glass of wine, turned off the oven, and figured it was about time I updated the blog. Everybody managed to feed themselves so I guess it was a reasonable reaction.

No one was bitten, I have no idea why. I know for darn certain that if I ever lost my mind and tried to pick one of these up I would end up getting bitten and probably die on the spot. Here are a few of the pictures so you can have nightmares too.

OMG do you see those FANGS?!?!?!

The seductive pose.

I think it is smiling with its eyes.


Daniela Swider said...

You boys never tire of spiders, huh? And it sounds like you have had more than your fair share. I like your reaction!

Nomads By Nature said...

You handled that very well. I applaud you!

Aprille said...

Thank goodness both my kids would NEVER, EVER, ever, ever pick up a spider! Julian has had two spider bites and a very bad reaction to both (one ended in an ER visit), so he has a healthy fear of spiders. Amelia likes bugs, but thankfully not spiders. I have learned to not shriek at every spider, but if someone walked into my house with one of those, I would probably reacted much the same as you did.
On a side note, Grayson does look very cute with that gap! Amelia has lost 4 teeth so far and has 3 loose ones. I wish she would slow down!
We miss you guys! Give all your boys (and you) our love.

TulipGirl said...

Yes, WINE and retreat to this safe, online world where the only spiders are the ones YOU post!

(And seriously, now I'm REALLY praying, "Lord, please don't send us to Lilongwe!"

Lisa said...

That first picture is priceless. And the spider, well, the spider is scary.

Kristi said...

I would totally have closed myself in the bedroom with an entire bottle of wine! Yikes!!!

Shannon said...

Tulip Girl Kenya isn't all that far north of Malawi. I can almost guarantee that if you turned Colin loose in your yard he would turn up at least one snake, several frogs and lizards, assorted birds, and some sort of horrible spider thing. So when do you want us to visit?

Connie said...

That gap toothed grin is priceless! :) While I don't like spiders (outside of their proper place... which is away from my people places ... where they should stay, doing their important spider job of eating bugs) .. this spider is definitely a star. Look at him pose!

Jae said...

Grayson looks so cute!!

And that spider is KEWL!! The Wiki sez it's not dangerous to humans, so why not hold it, silly girl. ;) Glad you made them all make themselves dinner! :)

Shannon said...

Ummm...not holding it because it is a SPIDER!?!!!

It actually says MOST baboon spiders are not considered dangerous to man, and that assumes no allergic reaction. It also says they have strong venom and can inflict a painful bite. Lets put that in perspective shall we? Most scorpions in Tx are not considered dangerous to man but they have strong venom and a sting hurts like hell (speaking from unfortunate experience) so do you wanna go pick one up? I’m sure Colin can find one for you this summer. :)

Timothy Eastwood said...

Oh, this is, indeed, a milestone in your son's life. It's so nice that you were able to preserve it through these great photos... and that's one big spider right there. Hehehe.

-Timothy Eastwood