Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly FS Round Up: Call for Submissions.

It has been a while since I have hosted the Weekly Foreign Service Roundup. Since the last time I hosted there have been a few changes, one of which was the introduction of themes. There have been some great themes over the past few months. Everyone who has hosted has done such a great job. I wish I could say I had a cute, fun, theme for this week, but sadly I don't.

I have noticed that this week (and last) that there are a lot of news type postings on blogs, rather then the usual family updates and travel log kind of posts. So I am asking for news items related to foreign service personnel. Has something happened at your post that has made the news this week? Riots, evacuations, earthquakes? Want to weigh in on the proposed budget cuts and how the loss of income will affect us all if it makes it through the Senate? I know it is short notice but there have been so many things going on the last few weeks that I think we can do it. Please send me you news worthy blog posts and will put together the roundup sometime tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!


Sara said...

Thanks Shannon!

Connie said...

I've been a total failure in participating in the roundups lately. I blame the internet (ok, and maybe the blogger in charge at WhaleEars, too...). So, here ya go :) Thanks!

Jill said...

Hey lady - I've been totally MIA for the past few weeks. And I really don't have anything to contribute to this week's roundup.

Just wanted to wish you well with it! Can't wait to read it. :)

Hope all is great with you!