Monday, February 8, 2010

Dead Chicken...Mmm ..Yummy!

Tonight I was putting dinner on the table: roast chicken, green beans and corn. Grayson ran by, looked at the table, and without breaking stride yelled, "There's a dead chicken on the table!"

Almost instantly the reply came from another room, "I one it!"

From upstairs came the answer, "I two it!"

"I three it!"

"I four it!"

"I five it!"

"I six it!"

"I seven it!"

By this time Alonzo and Colin had made their way to dining room to check out the dead chicken. They must have liked what they saw because in a rush they both yelled, "I jumped over it and I ate it! ...No! I ate it!....No I did!"

**This is a sick little game my husband's family plays on road trips, but it usually involves road kill not my roast chicken. You want to be the one that yells "I jumped over and (insert the name of someone else in the car) ate it." It has been known to reduce the person who has been told they ate the dead, smelly, smooshed road kill to tears.


Jae said...

lol! that's hilarious! sounds like every night at our house (that is - not REALLY like this at all - more like my kids naming the food on the table, and being reduced to tears because they don't like it and won't eat it!). Thanks for the chuckle! :)

Gabriel said...

That's very funny, Shannon. I'm all for silly games!

David said...

You know I was walking down the street today and I saw a dead bird (I think it froze to death). I hate to tell you this, but you ate it! I hope you pulled the feathers off first.

LOL :o)

Anonymous said...

Lol!! I loved that game! David would cry like a baby. I'm trying to teach it to Jorden!

Jenn said...

Ugh. I hattteeee that game. It's gross and I am the youngest of the Uncles (let's face it, they are the bullies) and the oldest of the nieces / nephews so I ALWAYSSSS 'eat' it. Gah!

Shannon said...

Jenn I am with you! Every time they start that game I know it is going to end up with one of the kids crying and/or yelling. Like we don't have enough of that in our lives we have to induce more???