Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boys Are Gross!

Monday night soup night continues to be a weekly traditions around our house. Yesterday I made one of my favorite soups, split pea soup. I love the rich hammy flavor on cold winter days. Paired with some fresh honey-wheat bread it made a wonderful dinner. The boys however had a different opinion. Even though they had eaten it, and liked it in the past, last night they decided it was gross. Grayson in fact flat refused to even taste it until his brothers declared the soup to be Shrek Snot Stew. While I was unimpressed with the new name it must have tickled his funny bone because he scarfed down his bowl while giggling that he was eating snot. Boys are gross!

A bit after the rest of us finished eating Dakota arrived home from a late JROTC armed team practice and sat down to his bowl of split pea soup. After a few bites he commented, "You make pretty good vomit." Interesting movie trivia, split pea soup was used for the vomit in the horror movie "The Exorcist". Oh yeah... boys... gross!

Moments later Grayson ran by and yelled, "Cody is eating Shrek Snot Stew!" Cody who had just popped a spoonful into his mouth, visibly paled, then gagged. For a moment I really thought he was going to vomit. Apparently the thought of ogre snot was just too much for him. Why cartoon snot should be worse than demonic vomit I am not sure, but it was funny to see Cody so grossed out over a bowl of soup.


Connie said...

That's too funny! My son though, doesn't like to joke like that - he was born serious. As for his sister, yea, she'd have been right in there with the snot and barf. Kids!

FS, here we come! said...

Haha!!! Boys are gross. I made quinoa and they said it looked like dirt and tasted like mud. But, really, who doesn't love a bowl of yummy green vomit? Delish!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It sounds like we have quite a bit in common. I appreciate the camaraderie.

Regarding the butternut squash soup, I kind of combine recipes and wing it. I roast a butternut squash in the oven then scoop the flesh out (eww, gross). Then I saute olive oil, onion, garlic, ginger, curry spices, then add carrot, sometimes potato, sometimes sweet paotato, sometimes celery. Then add squash and stock and simmer. Toward the end I puree with a stick blender and add a tin of coconut milk. The adults add a generous amount of cayenne powder and lemon juice to our bowls too. Oh yeah, salt and pepper to the saute mix. :-)

Monica said...

thx, friend. have not read blogs in a while and you have added a laugh to this BLAH tuesday. :o) miss da boys. xoxo - m.