Friday, December 4, 2009

I Get it Now

We used to have a live Christmas tree every year. We would drive out to a cute little Christmas tree farm near Seguin, spend hours walking around and around comparing the trees until finally we found THE TREE. Then Dave and Cody would use a hand saw to cut the tree down and haul it to the front of the farm, load it up, tie it down, and haul it home. Then we would struggle to get it to sit right in the stand, and get the lights strung all over it so there were no dark spots and hang the ornaments just so to disguise any bare spots. The reward would be a gorgeous unique tree and that wonderful pine smell through out the house all through the holidays.

Then we moved to Jakarta and had to get a fake tree. Not so many Christmas trees in a tropical Muslim country. There are a few to be sure but they tend to be pricey and there is certainly no cut your own tree farms, at least not that we ever found.

Now we live in Germany. There are lots of beautiful real trees to choose from here, after all this is supposed to be the country that came up with the idea of decorated Christmas trees. Last year I tried to talk David into a real tree, plastic just isn't the same. My argument was the smell, I missed the smell. Dave bought me a pine scented candle. Hmmmph!

This year I tried again. The tree lots are everywhere, and the trees are so pretty, I really want one. I have tried sad puppy dog eyes, hints, longing sighs, profuse admiration of the real trees, flat out demanding a real tree. And....nothing...silence...crickets chirping.

Finally last night David announced that real trees are just too much trouble, then he hauled the fake tree up four flights of stairs from the basement and dumped it in the living room. Today as I was setting up the tree and fluffing the tree I kept wondering how this is any easier than a real tree. He went to work today and I got to spend half the day trying to make a pile of wire and plastic look like a tree. I have scratches all over my arms from this thing. Then I suddenly figured it out. It is easier FOR DAVID!

When we had a real tree David had to drive to the tree farm, David had to help Cody cut down the tree, David had to haul the tree to the car, David had strap it down, David had to drive it home with out losing the tree on the highway, David had to trim the tree so it would sit straight in the stand, David had to string the lights and David was usually the one who remembered to water the tree so it didn't dry up too fast.

With a fake pre-lit tree all David has to do is haul it up from the basement dump the box in the living room and say, "Here ya go Babe." then he is done. Yep, I get it now.

*if you click on the picture at the top it is interesting to note that is NOT Dave helping Cody haul that tree, it is Paul, aka Uncle Bubba. Things that make you go hmmmm.


Jae said...

LOL! I get it now Shannon. And I can see how this is easier for David ... funny, it's the opposite in my house. The real tree was all me, as far as the lights and the ornaments go. With the fake, S sets it up and fluffs it, with help from the kids. So fake is very easy for me - as child labor is great (as is hubby labor!).

Monica said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard right now. Oh, friend. This is a hilarious post. I really, really believe every marriage (that lasts over 10 years with no pre-nup - see FB) should have a Chrismtas tree story. We fought for YEARS over real tree/fake tree. Two years ago Ed won - FAKE TREE. I hate it. AND the funny thing is, Ed STILL finds a reason to throw a HUGE fit over the tree??? WTH??? Our Christmas decorating STILL goes like this (even with said fake tree): fake tree, Christmas music, cookies baking, kids WAY excited and Ed throwing this huge fit and screaming at everyone. Used to upset me to no end, now I just laugh. ;o) It's actually kind of comforting to know that some things never change. ;o)