Monday, December 21, 2009

Derailed Again

Today we were supposed to be in Holland at the Christmas Market in Velvet cave. The entire market is held underground in caves excavated when the castle was built around the year 1050. The weather isn't cooperating though. This weekend the temps were down in the single digits (fahrenheit). Sunday it snowed and after talking to some friends who had been out on the road between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden we decided to call it off to be on the safe side. The sad part is since this is our last year in Germany we are unlikely to ever make it the market but you never know.

Today instead of driving to the Christmas market we are hanging out at home. Meat is cooking for the tamales later this week. I am working on assembling the gingerbread houses so they can be decorated tomorrow, catching up on all the cleaning and laundry that didn't get done last week, and of course we took advantage of the snow and did some sledding.


Donna said...

Sounds more fun than my day. Can you send some tamales to Beijing? You're making me hungry!

Monica said...

okay - this mexican is finally going to learn to do tamales - next year. ;o) i made need some tips from you. ;o)

Shannon said...

@ Donna-- If I could ship good fresh tamales overseas rest assured I wouldn't be making them myself! But I can give you the web site I get supplies from if you are desperate enough to make them too.

@ Monica--Girl if I still lived there David would still be getting up before dawn one day in December to go stand in line at Ruben's over on Rigsby! So my instructions to you would be wake Ed up early, throw him out of the house, and tell him not to come home without tamales!

Jae said...

I'd like to learn to make 'em too - but I was told Ruben's is the place to go as well! We bought ours from Central Market ... hope they're good!