Monday, November 16, 2009

LOL! Wait my kids would do that.

My Malawi guide book is here! I have been flipping through it tonight and some of it is funny reading, unless you have a kid like Colin. Some important gems of safari safety advice:
  • Don't sleep with your head sticking out of a tent or you risk being decapitated by a curious predator.
  • Don't stand between a hippos and the water. Hippos will panic and mow down any person standing between them and the safety of the water, usually with fatal consequences.
  • Don't bathe in any potential crocodile habitat.
I thought these all seemed pretty obvious until I thought about Colin the kid who with in hours of landing in Texas last home leave managed to get bit by a snake (not a rattler thank goodness) and stung by a scorpion. I can totally see him with his head hanging out of a tent so he can see all the animals walk by.


Jae said...

LOL! Very logical, good advice! Colin probably would not bathe with the crocs - but yeah, I could see wanting to sleep with one's head out in order to see the animals. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ;)

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Gabriel said...

LOL! And you know what, Shannon? In a couple of years, instructions like these will not only seem obvious to you, but also pretty normal!

"Kids, let's stay inside until the hippos move away from our backyard..." :-)

Malawi will be quite the adventure, I'm sure. I feel some (I hope) healthy envy right now...