Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone out there is having a Happy Halloween. The boys just finished carving their jack-o-lanterns for tonight and are watching Scooby Doo. Alonzo was running a fever last night. This morning he woke up without a fever, but he still looked puny so we skipped the party at the field house in hopes that he will feel well enough for trick or treating tonight. It is a laid back kind of day. I think I like having Halloween on a Saturday. No rushing to eat and change as the kids get home from school just relaxing and having fun. I have a crock pot of 15 bean soup cooking away on the counter for a quick warm dinner after Trick or Treating tonight. Colin is heading of to a birthday party for one of his class mates. While he is gone Alonzo, Grayson, and I will make a bat cake for dessert tonight and then have a little Wii fun! I will post pictures of the costumes tomorrow of the costumes. This year we have one snake, two phantoms, and Dakota Fanning.

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Monica said...

i hope lonzo got better. ed carved the pumpkins the day AFTER halloween. oops. just didn't get to it before. ;o) we had great fun. am going to try and post a blog soon. :o)) xoxo