Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ouch! Slam!

Grayson is home sick today and Dakota doesn't start school until the 31st so they are hanging out together watching television. The cable is acting up AGAIN so Cody was loading a movie for Gray to watch. Gray of course wanted to help. Cody reminded Grayson that Dad's rule is only grownups can handle the DVD's so they don't get scratched. Gray looked at Cody and protested, "Your not a grown up you're a teenager!" Ouch! Slammed by a four year old!


Danny said...

That's when my kids say" You got owned!"

Anonymous said...

That was just cute hehehe :) So how did the field trip go..

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Shannon said...

Field trip won't actually happen for a while yet. They had to send the permission slip early to get a head count or planning purposes.