Thursday, June 4, 2009

The “B” word

I’m Bored!

The “B” word is not to be spoken in our house because there is always something to be done. When one of my children utters the “B” word, I always remind them that I can find something for them to do. I find myself away from my family and find myself uttering the words “I’m bored!”

“I’m bored and it is really HOT!!! “

The temperature is about 112 degree and I can’t really go anywhere. There is a pool at the Embassy but it is hot there also. It is only about a 6 minute walk to the Embassy but by the time I get there the water in my ice cold bottle has turned to hot water for tea and any chocolate I have in my bag has liquefied… just add milk. Oh, and one can only watch so much TV.

Today was my Saturday and tomorrow will be my Sunday. I ate lunch and watch President Obama’s speech at Uncle Sam’s. I thought the speech was really good and addressed some topics others have not wanted to address. After words I took a six minute back to my apartment and had some hot tea from my bottled water.

“Did I mention? I’m bored!”

Tomorrow I will go shopping for food. That should be really interesting. I hope to avoid using the “B” word tomorrow. I can only hope that this potty mouth of mine will not continue when I return home to my family.


Jenn said...

Where oh where are you, Uncle?

Aprille said...

How long will you be gone?