Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey Mikey He Likes It

I decided to make something fun and healthy for the boys to go with lunch. This week is spring break so I have a full house and I am trying to keep them happy, not easy since many of their friends have gone out the country for the break, and they are stuck here with me. I grabbed some frozen peaches out of the freezer, some milk and peach yogurt out of the fridge and dumped it all in the blender.

A few minutes later I had a peach smoothie, although I said it was a peach milkshake. That just sounded less healthy, the kids are wise to me trying to feed them healthy stuff. They would much rather have pop-tarts. Grayson took a cautious sip and announced, "Yum yum that is delicious!"  Success! Next time banana-choco-smothies!

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