Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Cont...

When all the cooking was done and the kids came home from school. (Yes, the kids went to school on Thanksgiving, this is Germany and Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and do you know how much easier it is to cook that much food without kids underfoot?) As I was saying when all the cooking was done we had a feast fit for a king!

We managed to get a picture of everyone acting reasonable mature. This is a major accomplishment considering the ages of our kids.

All too soon the normal behavior resumed but, how boring life would be if they acted like little grown ups all the time!

And then came the best part of the day....dessert! Pumpkin pie, my favorite and Lemon Pound cake (with fresh whipped cream and raspberries, forgot to get those in the picture, ooops) for the strange little critters in my life that think pumpkin is poison. No problem! Shortly I will have left over pumpkin pie and coffee for breakfast. Yum!

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