Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday was my 41st birthday. The boys surprised me with a handmade birthday card before they left for school. Dave took the afternoon off and we spent some time exploring and discovered a new pet shop with much more reasonable prices. Yay! The cats and snake will be happy, so will our budget!

Since we have so much left over food I didn't get the traditional cake instead David and I walked to a bakery and bought an apple pastry. David decided that 41 candles would probable set off the fire alarm and only put 5 candles on the pastry, 4 candles in a group for 40 and 1 off by itself. Colin loved the pastry, the rest of us not so much, but there was lots of left over lemon cake and pumpkin pie so there was no complaining here!

For a present I got a 1000 piece puzzle which will come in very handy since the TV choose this morning to up and die! David thinks he can fix it he just needs to order the part. In the meantime we keep saying we need to cut back on the TV time in this house so I guess that starts today!

I am getting my real present today. After I finish this post I am going off to my first German Christmas Market, alone, just David and I, with NO KIDS! We are taking the camera so check back tomorrow for pictures and maybe you can visit us next winter and go to the market with us!


Jae said...

Sounds like a lovely day my dear!! I hope that you found the Christmas Market amazing and wonderful!

Happy happy belated to you! :) Wishes of nothing but greatness for the year to come. :)

Monica said...

Hey girlie!!! YOU look marvelous for 41!!! We used to be close in age, what's up with that??? ;o) Cuz, I'm only 30??? Love ya!

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The Right Blue said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon. You're not getting older -- you're getting better! ;-)