Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seriously, Already!?!

Be careful what you wish for.  Two years of never ending summer had me wishing for a change of season, and I don't mean wet or dry! Those aren't seasons, those are weather forecasts. 

Fast forward to Germany.  It is September 4th.  The high today was mid 60's (around 18 celsius for you metric folks).  This morning when I walked the kids to the bus stop I could see my breath.  I am a south Texas girl.  Today it was 94 (34 c) in San Antonio.  It doesn't get cold enough to see your breath back home until November sometime.  I am freezing y'all!  I knew it would be cooler here than Jakarta or Texas but I didn't think it would be this cold this soon.  I am in big trouble come winter!

Even the trees have gotten the message that summer is over!

The tree outside my window is covered with patches of bright yellow leaves.
We took this picture of a tree at the Frankfurt zoo on Monday. Monday was Labor Day. I always thought fall started AFTER Labor Day.


Danny said...

They have Labor Day in Germany? Maybe old man winter didn't get the memo!

Terio said...

How was the ZOO? Not the one you live in but the one you visited? How does it compare to Jakarta or SA? I miss hearing from you all!! MEow!

Shannon said...

No Danny Labor Day isn't a German holiday but David had off because his job recognizes American holidays. The 3 older kids had to go to school but Grayson had the day off too so we took him to the zoo.

Teri-Check back later today for pictures of the Frankfurt zoo. It was fun.

Jae said...

I've been a bad blogger lately - but I am finally catching up with everyone. :)

Weird!! Look at those pictures - we're going up to 94 here again today. BUT!!! We had the doors open for 2 hours this AM, as with a lovely breeze coming in and it was only 72. As Ronin put it "it smells like pumpkins" outside. So we are slowly hitting fall here, ya'll. ;)

(seriously going to have to send you legwarmers. hee hee! i feel for you!)

Jenn said...

We have Summer and Rainy Season here, which is just a lot of gloomy dreary Lifetime watching days. I really miss the snow and cold...just until we go home to KY and spend a week or so there in it. Then I'm ready for our weather again! I understand!

Kristi said...

I can't wait to see your post in a couple of months. I have a feeling this weather is HOT compared to the real winter there.