Sunday, September 21, 2008

She Drives !!!!!

For the first time in the two years and one month that we have been living overseas Shannon finally drove “her” van. You wouldn’t know it was her van seeing that she hasn’t wanted to drive it. On Friday that all changed when we got a call from the school informing us that we needed to go pick Colin and Alonzo up because Alonzo had the dreaded LICE!!. (Shannon will blog more on that) No, Shannon did not go get them… I did. However she knows that I will not be able to do that for her very often.

On Saturday we made our weekly trip to the commissary to go shopping for our food and this time Shannon was going to do the driving. I mean there is no difference in driving her than there is in the states. But if you ask Shannon she will not agree with me. I knew when we left Jakarta we would need to get a navigator (a.k.a. GPS) so that we were not constantly consulting a map on how to get places.

So on Saturday we set out for the commissary with Shannon driving and our Nuvi navigating. Everything went well. She did not hit any people, animals, or cars… Only curbs. I lost count of the number of curbs we hit. It is a good thing I am waiting to get the new tires until after Shannon gets the hang of driving. I mean really she has less than 250 miles under her belt since we moved over seas and that was from last summer.

She really did a wonderful job. As always I was just a “usual” man in the car not helping things very well. Anyway please send her hardy congratulations on a job well done.

Great job Honey !!!!!


Terio said...

Way to go Shannon! Now what you should do is hit the road in the mornings when you are all by yourself! I am glad to see you getting your independence back. Doesn't it feel wonderful? GO TREAT YOURSELF SOMEWHERE!

Kash said...

Good job Shannon! Only a few curbs? LOL.

Shannon said...

I hit 2 curbs, you must not be able to count very high! One of those was your fault because you were being a pain in the .....

The Right Blue said...

Bravo Shannon. You go girl!!