Thursday, September 18, 2008


Grayson is a hoot! He loves to cook. If I am in the kitchen he will come running in shouting "I COOKER MAN!" He sees himself as the hero of all thing kitchen related. It drives me a bit crazy at mealtimes since I was accustom to sending him off to play with Dwi and relaxing a bit as I cooked dinner in peace with just my ipod for company. I am learning to find small things for him to do in the kitchen to help with dinner. Things like chopping onions or garlic with my finger safe chopper from pampered chef or tearing up lettuce to make a salad.

I also try to have him help make something special every once in a while. Last week we made some healthy banana chocolate chip muffins. He had a blast and don't you just love the Cooker Man outfit?!?
The hardest part is what to do with him while the muffins are in the oven. If I don't find something to keep him busy he will stare in the little oven window and ask "Done Yet?" every 37 seconds. When I reply "Not yet" he looks so sad and then agrees "Belum, not yet." Sometimes he will even try to open the oven to peek inside which is dangerous and lets the heat out.

I usually drag out something I know he loves to play with like playdo or geotrax. This last week I let him play with the quadrilla marble run. The kids all love the marble run but mom hates finding marbles in every corner for a week every time the kids play with it.  The old pie tin at the end to catch the marbles is my attempt to contain the mess.  Doesn't really work but it is better than nothing. Anyway the marble run did it's job, he was actually surprised when the timer went off.   Not a single "Done yet?"

The best part of the day was when Alonzo and Colin came home from school. Grayson yanked the door open and was shouting down the stairs "I COOKER MAN! I MAKE MUFFINS! HURRY COME LOOK!" You just know our neighbors love us, 6 families share that stair and you can hear every little noise in the stair well.

 The boys gave the muffins the stamp of approval. All together a good day.


Jim said...

Hi Shannon, those guys are having fun! I think Mom is also.
Your Warriors play hard, that is good for your WW.
I'm running late, but taking advantage of borrowed electricity time (we are still in Hurrican Ike evacuation at our daughter's) for using the computer.
So too, I'm trying to keep ahead of the game, my Skywatch Friday post is up now.

Jae said...

Oh my goodness, Shannon! That is SO CUTE! :) I love it! (cracked up about that staircase - apartment living must be hard to get used to!) ... that sounds not so fun!)

Jenn said...

haha! Jorden gets an empty bowl and a wooden spoon, he's not quite old enough for anything else!

Terio said...

I think Grey is simply adorable! He may just very well grow up to be a world class chef!