Monday, September 8, 2008

Feeding the Ducks...In the Rain

Grayson and I went on an outing today to a nearby park to feed the ducks. On the way it began to drizzle. Grayson wouldn't be deterred, he wanted to feed the ducks. By the time we made it to the park it was pouring and we were both huddled under my umbrella. At first I didn't see any ducks, but apparently they saw us, even through the rain. They flew over from across the pond. First one duck, then another, then bunches of them. Within minutes we were surrounded by greedy ducks all wanting their bit of bread.

Grayson had a blast. He quickly discovered that if he walked away from the pond the ducks would follow. By the time we ran out of bread he was sitting on the muddy ground dropping bread crumbs inches from his legs and shrieking in delight as the ducks came right up to him to grab a treat. He tried to feed one out of his hand but when that beak got close to his hand his courage failed him and he dropped the bread.  Smart kid.

I forgot to bring a camera so you will have to use your imagination to picture Grayson sitting on the ground, in the rain, with a huge smile on his face, surrounded by hungry ducks eating soggy stale bread.


Terio said...

I can imagine both of you looking like drenched rats! Glad you are having fun!

Jenn said...

Aww, you guys play in the rain more than anyone else I know! I'm pretty sure that's a good thing though!