Monday, September 22, 2008

Art Class

They must be learning something in art class at school. The boys came home this afternoon. I was sitting at my computer working on German and the boys were coloring. Here is their conversation.

Alonzo: Can you pass the gold colored pencil?
Colin: Sure but it isn't gold.
Alonzo: Just give me the gold!
Colin: OK but it is more like dandelion, dark dandelion.
Alonzo Fine pass me the dark dandelion.
Colin: Here's the gold.

And he wonders why Alonzo pounds on him! Alonzo can give as good as he gets.

Colin: Can I have the copper.
Alonzo: It is bronze.
Colin: It looks like copper.
Alonzo: Na-unn, copper is a different metal.
Colin: FIne can I have the bronze?

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Terio said...

That was the funniest conversation I have heard in quite a while!!